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Mad Aunt Bernards Tortoise Poetry

"The page to come and visit for a fabulously sensible intake of poetry straight from the divinest of inspiration - and it's only a bit tortoisy. A cracking good read if you're under anaesthetic."
Lord Elpus - The Guardian

Tuesday, January 20


It is a tortoise day, so I shall write about them...

Tortoise, Tortoise,
Please wake up,
Sister Gerts coming to stay.
And you haven't been out of your shell
Since I fed you a bit of that bhuna.


  1. I like your tortoise poems whichever I read. Throughout the blog, the metaphor conveys intense sarcasm, because I think that the tortoise is a person in your life.

  2. Clever observation, but not true. The element of sarcasm is due to countless people in my life who've had tortoises and expected me to become animated and excited in their presence.
    It's not something that comes naturally to me, and I've found it hard to take them seriously at all. The dominant theme throughout my life, when I need to think of something vaguely ridiculous, is to think about tortoises.