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Friday, August 7

Bright Shiny 'Fings' - Award Time

It's award time again! Apparently, if you wish to accept the award the rules of acceptance are:
List five current "obsessions".
Pass the award on to five other fabulous blogs.
On your post of receiving this award make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link back to them.
When you list your five winners of the award make sure you link back to them.
Let your five winners know they are in receipt of the award by leaving a comment on their blogs.

I had a lovely awardy-pressie from Menopausal Musing which I've got on the sideboard over there >>.
Nice isn't it. When the hedge gets windy in the autumn, it'll be kept in the cheese box for safety. I like Menopausal Musing, her blog has a familiar, social feel to it whilst being absolutely alive with texture, colour and all sorts of lovely things.

Alright - my five current obsessions.

1) The worrying question of sultanas and their rightful place within muesli - a valid position? Or outdated?

2) Brian Blessed - he is a legend in the world of shrieking (he is on advanced booming Level 3 NVQ)

3) Cowpats. I'm always thinking of them. They are so versatile. One minute a slightly damp frisbee, the next - a fashionable hat.

4) My heartthrob, Mr E.B. Farnum from the TV series 'Deadwood'....the man's hot stuff.

5) Poking things down holes with my favourite stick. It doesn't matter how many times I get stung, chased or arrested, I will never surrender my poking/thwacking stick to any cozzer/man with growly dog.

6) Men in 1800's combinations with the trapdoor at the back....and no I can't count.

Now, I shall be passing these on to five folks I like.....

Alcoholinky because her blog is filled with some lovely vintage images, with the most beautiful colours you can imagine. Her work definitely displays the moods she's captured so well.

Mimilove as her blog has serious cowbell! Go look at her green and yellow cow! Her work is full of colour, and so clever, go take a peek. You'll be a regular visitor.

The Nature Of Woodpeckers because Professor Yaffle is a splendid chap. His wonderful descriptions of wildlife in and around his garden are enchanting - and his fabulously silly comments on my blog are worthy of a book on their own.

Facts Are Strictly Optional Great stuff! The most ascerbic wit you'll find on Blogger, the woman cracks me up and has my sympathies with life in general. Whenever I think I'm being taken for a soft touch, I read her blog and get my bovver boots on.

Jane And The Happy Crow Again, a beautiful mixture of all sorts of lovely treasures, whether artwork, photographs or 'bits'. A lovely blog, and it has the word 'Crow' in the title, which is what drew me to it.

Right, you five, take your awards and go make a crumpet, a pot of tea, and sit and enjoy in a self-congratulatory way. Perfect your smugness by studying this photo. Especially the bugger on the left...


  1. Congrats to you! Could we get a cowpat for the man on the right?

  2. *Sniff*...a Gwyneth Paltry/Kate Winsome/Halles Comet outpouring of snivvlies, thank you, you wonderous loon x;0)

  3. JH
    I thought it WAS a cowpat on the right

    MAB Sweety Dahling I am touched ( i.e doolally tapped )
    Your generosity is only exceeded by your natural beauty and wit

  4. thank you, i am deeply honoured. I shall go and roll a cheese down Coopers Hill for you.

  5. Congrats to all your worthy recipients. I don't think a cowpat on it's own is heavy enough for the chap on the left - should be the whole cow.

  6. NOW NOW!

    Let's leave Cheryl out of this

  7. WOW! Thanks Aunt B! Again, even though most of the words are in British I think I am touched and humbled that you would choose me! thank you! haha

    Just think of us, we had to LIVE with that guy.

    PS I too love to poke things with a stick. It's what we do.

  8. Sultanas are always a concern ..... never quite convinced they aren't rat droppings. The only way to tell is the taste test of course ....

  9. DP
    We sell em ere in Deb'm for £10 each and us calls em edification pills
    When the tourists buys em and then tastes them they says they taste like sh1t
    We then says r r you'm learning

  10. Hello there my dear! Haven't seen you about for a bit. I think you'm a bit behind the times, blossom, as you've actually been nominated for 3 awards - there's one on mine and there's one for you on Clare's (Daisy Darling), so you'd better skidaddle and get them. My e-mailer's been beggaring about a bit, so I don't know if you got my e-mail last night. Speak to you soon! Pip-pip!!

  11. @Pro AB Yaffle - you West country folk are extremely clever .... I've always said that [extremely quietly of course]

  12. Fankoo for my Shiny Fing, I have put mine under the sideboard for safe keeping. Funny you being obsessed with cowpats as I was contemplating them myself the other day when I trod on one thinking it was a true crusty but finding when my shoe sank into it that it was still a softy! How long does it take for a pat to thoroughly dry out to frisby status? They lay there looking all innocent waiting for unsuspecting feet to break through the dry fragile surface releasing soft green gloop in all directions namely straight up your trouser leg, to dogs though the said gloop is like manna from heaven to be eagerly lapped up only to be regurgitated later in the back seat of the car. I must get myself a poky stick for cow pat testing. Toodle-ooo, Jane X

  13. EB Farnum??? Really? I'm for Ellsworth.
    P.S. I just found your blog, what a treasure!

  14. Cow pats sound most interesting - I don't think we have any here in Giraffe World. Do they have a website?

    With regard to sultanas in muesli - I prefer it when it consists entirely of sultanas.

  15. Hmm indeed. I think it's either a spam comment, or a Russian spy trying to find new and uncrackable code phrases. They keeps stealing them....buggers.

  16. It's a hard sell, isn't it? live sex that is
    Perverts, what's wrong with good old necrophilia

  17. MAB
    If this is not a spoof from your blogging mateys, which I am sure it isn't, then I would remove the comment completely so that it doesn't later attract unwarranted attention and traffic which may cause Google to remove your site without warning. I had this happen to a friend, when I say friend I meant acquaintance, well not exactly, but someone I knew very well, no that's not true, but I had heard of them. Sod it!, it was my imaginary friend, who didn't like me and in fact never ever spoke to me at all. I kept him though cos his imaginary girlfriend was easy.

  18. MAB I must learn to type faster
    I am not quick looking but I am good thinking

  19. Hey Aunt Bernard something odd is happening over on my blog, my link back to you which is correct is linking to a bible studies website!!!!!!! Is this one of your cunning plans to escape the rossers or what?

  20. No idea what this is all about. I've been plagued by spammers this week, then this happens. Don't know if it's some funny buggers idea of a joke or just a gremlin in the system....
    I vill be beginning my investigations vith a magnifying glass and some flapjacks...

  21. You're not supposed to grouse until tomorrow